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Jory Malone

Jory Malone is a World Champion and mastermind coach of World Champions having the rare distinction of being a World Champion, who has also coached two separate World Champions from their beginnings under his tutelage (Charles Smith, Abby Malone). Jory was a professional MMA fighter for over a decade and through 15 years of competition and over 400 fights was the top American competitor for the Brazilian power house team Nova Uniao, which was ranked the top MMA team in the World In 2013 with UFC Champions Jose Aldo, Renan Barao, and past champions like BJ Penn. As one of the top American Grapplers (World Champion2 X Pan American Champion11 X International Medalist) and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt under the legendary 8 X World Champion Robson Mouraand a Black Belt in Japanese Ju Jutsu. Jory represented USA in the 2007 Abu Dhabi World Submission Wrestling Championships as a favorite of the Abu Dhabi Royal Family.
Jory’s life work lies in the Kinesiology of combat sports. He is a professional strength and conditioning coach specializing in combat sports with a coaching accreditation from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, a member of the prestigious Tudor Bompa Institute (Tudor Bompa –Soviet Olympic Coach and “Father of scientific periodization in sports”), and board member for John Davies' Clube Sportif Montreal in Canada. As a strength and conditioning coach Jory has worked with NCAA programs, the Department of Defense, high schools, and professional athletes. Jory holds accreditations from the National Federation of High School CoachesNational Wrestling Coaches Association, a coaching certification from USA Olympic Wrestling and is currently continuing his education in the field of neuroscience. Jory has served, as the Head Wrestling Coach for Benton High School for the past five years, is an author, and public speaker. When not coaching athletes at Revolution Academy he travels giving lectures and seminars worldwide on skill mastery and elite level performance.

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